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Research Engineer, Data Scientist
IBM Singapore Lab



Welcome. I am a Research Engineer with the IBM Research Collaboratory in Singapore. I am currently working on a data analytics project (named FASTER) with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore to build an efficient Incident Response system for the MRT train system in Singapore. My interests lie in the field of data science, machine learning and big data. In my current role, I am responsible for exploratory data analysis, machine learning, data pipeline engineering, scalability and big data management, summarization of actionable insights to the stakeholders and interactions with other IBM software teams. 

I have an engineering degree (Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology - 2009) from the College of Engineering, Pune , India. I have worked with various IBM software teams in the IBM Software Lab - IBM Lotus (internship) , IBM Tivoli (Service Automation products) and IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Analytics (formerly Unica).