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Optical Interconnect Technology
IBM Research - Tokyo, Yamato, Japan


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Professional Associations:  IEEE Photonics Society  |  Optical Society of America


Jean is a member of the Optical Interconnect Research Group and is currently working on the optimization of optical links for high speed, low power data transfer in high performance computers using new photonic components and structures. As new architectures are being developed, light is used instead of electrons for communication at ever shorter distances with a higher channel density inside systems, presenting new technology challenges.

Originally from Quebec (Canada), Jean completed his undergraduate and Master's degrees in Engineering Physics at the École Polytechnique of Montreal. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University in 2002, where he worked on the development and characterization of new photonic devices with dilute nitride heterostructures (GaInNAs/GaAs) and other compound semiconductors. He joined the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Tokyo in 2003, where he performed research on the ultra-fast optical characterization of dilute magnetic semiconductors and Terahertz technology before becoming an IBMer in 2008.