Contact Information

Hideyuki Mizuta
Agent-based Simulation
Tokyo Research Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan

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I am a Staff Researcher at IBM Research - Tokyo, Digital Discovery group.

I joined IBM in 1997.
I received B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the University of Tokyo.

My research interests include dynamic economic-social systems with heterogeneous agents, SSME (Services Science, Management and Engineering) and smarter cities for sustainable society.

My current project is a large-scale agent-based traffic simulation (IBM Mega Traffic Simulation) funded by JST CREST governement project.

I am a member of IPSJ and ACM SIGSIM.


Research Areas

  • Traffic Simulation
  • Services Sciences, Management and Engineering (SSME)
  • Environmental Research
  • Organization Network
  • Agent-based Approach
  • Financial Engineering
  • Exactly Solvable Models (Statistical Physics)