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India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India



I completed M.Tech and Ph.D. from Computer Science and Engineering department, IIT Bombay in 2009 and 2013, respectively. I worked on the novel use of IEEE 802.15.4 technology to enable real-time applications as a part of my Ph.D. thesis. I further designed MAC protocols, network algorithms and an end-to-end system to to stream real-time voice on IEEE 802.15.4. The system has low cost and low energy features and this makes it more suitable for rural settings. We then deployed our system in a village for about three months to enable communication facilities for the villagers. I finished my doctoral work and joined IBM Research, Bangalore in smarter wireless research group.

My general interest areas are in the application of technology for societal use, in building networks and systems on scale and in the beauty of network algorithmics. I particularly like to learn new algorithmic techniques to apply them to diverse systems and networks settings.

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