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India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India



I am a Research Software Engineer in IBM Research India, working in the Mobile Innovations Group. I was previously part of Software Engineering Group, IBM Research, India.

I Work in the area of Software Testing. I have been part of projects that are primarily concerned with WebUI testing and Mobile testing.

Prior to joining IBM, I was a Dual Degree student from IIT Kanpur from 2007 to 2012. I completed my masters thesis under Professor Rajat Moona and Professor Veena Bansal of IIT Kanpur. My Masters thesis was in the area of Computer Security. I worked on a Secure ATM project aimed at replacing Magnetic Strip cards with SmartCards  enabling authorization and authentication of both the ATM and the user before any transaction occurs.

My research interests include WebUI testing, Mobile UI testing and performance testing, software maintenance and usage of Program Analysis for Software Quality Assurance primarily through testing.