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Languages known: English, Marathi, Hindi, Spanish, Konkani (mother tongue)


1988, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN USA. MS (Computer Science.) Thesis: APPLAUSE: An Implementation of Collins-Michalski theory of plausible reasoning.

1979, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India, Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Engineering).

Employment History:

May 2010 – present: IBM India Pvt. Ltd. Software Engineer

Working on Phase Identification System. The proposed solution is a system of mathematical equations, constructed using solely energy consumption readings at the consumer end and supply end, and attempts to find out what consumers are connected to which phase. (Java, iLog Cplex and other standard middleware components)

October 2001 – April 2009: India Comnet International, Mumbai, India Technical Consultant (Contract Employee)

Worked on Online Charging System for pre-paid mobile services. (Java, C++). Designed and partially programmed prototype to work with Diameter protocol stacks and Rating Engines / Account Balance management Functions.

Worked on Billing Data Server (Mediation System) design and implementation, in particular, designed a module to correlate Call detail records (CDRs) from multiple network elements involved in a (long) call with a series of (possibly different) user actions (such as voice calls, download activities etc.). In house project to process CDRs in Automated Message Accounting (AMA) format.

Supported iMediation / EventDynamics products (C++/ Java).

Supported Global System for Mobile communications Inter Working Function (GSM IWF) product. This involved bug fixes, system and integration testing, upgrading the software so that it is current with respect to new releases of the Aculab drivers (E1) and Emanate SDK (SNMP) and compatible with different OS versions (32 bit Solaris 2.6 to 64 bit Solaris 2.8). Most of the work in C/C++. Designed and implemented feature enhancement for High Speed Circuit Switched Data capability with the GSM IWF product using ETSI ISUP stack. This would use multiple GSM channels for a single call to enhance data rates. Wrote a white paper on Fax over IP implementation for GSM mobile originated fax calls using Direct Internet Access feature of GSM IWF product. Contributed to Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning document, Factory Test System document for GSM IWF product. Trained Comnet engineers for GSM IWF maintenance operations. Contributed to code reviews, system test plans. Hardware used for various projects included Telco grade systems such as Sun Netra t1120 servers, Aculab E1 interface cards, 3Com Total Control modem pool communicating with 5ESS Mobile Switching Center. Testing equipment included Pet monitor to analyze V.110, T.30, RLP, L2RCOP data, fax Probe for T.4, T.30 data, PA41 to analyze ISDN PRI signaling etc. Software used included Solaris OS (2.6, 2.8), HP OpenView Network Node Manager, SNMP Research Emanate product, Sablime version control system, Lucent nmake, Sun Workshop C++ compiler, Java 5, Eclipse IDE etc.

February 1999-Sept 2001: Comnet International Co, Lisle, IL USA Member of Technical Staff

Supported GSM IWF project.

Ported ACP (Advanced Communications Package) from HP-UX to Linux. ACP is a Lucent’s Advanced Communications Package licensed to Comnet for marketing, sales and support. This is written in C and runs on HP servers. For cost reduction some modules were ported to Linux platform. Supported ACP. Bug fixes and writing utility tools such as parameter driven data generation to facilitate offline testing and debugging. Wrote HTML, Perl/CGI reports for ACP.

June 1997-Jan. 1999: Custom Business Software, Lisle, IL USA Software and Systems Engineer

Developed JAM screens and backend code for RC/V (Recent Change and Verify) module of Telecommunications Management System (TMS-5).

August 1992- May 1997: Tata Infotech Ltd. Mumbai, India, Specialist

Train Scheduler and Decision Support System (Planning) for Konkan Railway (MS VC++ 2.0/Win 3.1). Led a team of 4 developers for 2.5 years. The team developed modules for Time-distance charts to display past and predicted movement of long distance railway traffic, Station and line diagrams to depict current positions of trains as well as occupation of loop and line resources. The team designed and developed planning terminal that would assist the train controller to introduce new goods trains without adversely affecting passenger trains traffic. Helped the controller to estimate line capacity, identify bottlenecks and plan for future resource expansion to increase performance metrics. Architected, designed and developed two step look-ahead heuristics for safe and efficient scheduling of long distance trains running on a single line (two way traffic on a single track).

Tele-banking application (Interactive Voice Response System) for Banco Superior in Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia - On site project (DOS, Microsoft C). Used Dialogic voice processing cards and VFEdit tool to edit voice files. Telephony based Intelligent Query System to assist US tax payers to file income tax returns. Developed these applications using Berkeley Speech Technology cards for text to speech conversion.

Evaluation of Tata Unisys developed automated Credit Card Application processing system called TULearn (Accept / Reject Credit Card application) based on decision tree algorithm.

July 1991-March 1992: CCG Inc. Silver Spring, MD USA Member of Technical Staff

Involved in identification of AI applications in the area of maintenance, monitoring and control of Airway Facilities for Federal Aviation Administration. Studied FAA documents, made field trips to FAA facilities.

August 1988- May 1991: George Mason Univ. Fairfax, VA USA Graduate Research Assistant

Researched in the areas of plausible reasoning, genetic algorithms, neural networks.

Sept 1985- August 1988: The University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant

Researched in the areas of plausible reasoning, genetic algorithms. Taught Introduction to Numerical Algorithms and FORTRAN programming.

Summer internship at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) researching genetic algorithms.

April 1984- September 1985 Schumberger Seaco Mumbai, India Instrumentation Engineer

Preventive and corrective maintenance of oil well logging equipment and PDP 11/34.

June 1979- April 1984: ORG Systems Vadodara and Mumbai, India Design and Development Engineer/ Customer Engineer/ Senior Customer Engineer

Installed, and maintained of Sperry Univac 1100 series (1100/10, 1100/60, 1100/80) mainframes and peripheral equipment.

Designed Intel 8086 based 16 bit microcomputer hardware (DMA and Interrupt controller).

Developed IBM 360 instruction set based system using AMD 290x family bit slice processors.


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