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Post Doctoral Researcher
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India



nahi gnaanena sadrusham pavitram iha vidyate (Bhagavad Gita 4.38)
( Nothing is as purifying as knowledge )

Hi! Welcome. I am Giri. I joined IBM Research, India as a post doctoral researcher in March 2012. In December 2011, I earned a Ph.D in Computer Science at the University of Delaware in the US. I started the graduate program in August 2005 and earned my Master's in Computer Science in December 2007. Previously, I earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from the prestigious University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (U.V.C.E) in Bangalore, India in October 2000. I worked as a software engineer with Siemens Communication Software in Bangalore from October 2000 to August 2005.

My research interests are in Software Engineering with an emphasis on easing program comprehension for software maintenance. It is widely accepted that software maintenance consumes an excessive amount of the resources spent in the overall software development cycle. One reason for this is that program comprehension for maintenance is not easy. My research goal is to develop tools that ease program comprehension.

My dissertation focussed on summarizing source code in the form of comments. Studies have shown that comments can help in program comprehension. Comments that summarize source code can help in decreasing the amount of time that developers spend in reading and understanding code.

In my dissertation, I developed techniques to summarize Java methods and generate comments that summarized the code. To the best of my knowledge, my research is the very first to address the very important problem of source code summarization.

I have used techniques from Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Program Analysis in my dissertation to generate comments that summarize source code. More details about the papers published as part of my dissertation can be found at my home page at University of Delaware.

My dissertation itself can also be found there.