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Senior Manager, Information & Social Analytics
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel



I manage the Information & Social Analytics department which focuses on Information Retrieval, Social technologies and Mobile solutions.

Our main focus areas:

  • Information Retrieval for Big Data - Indexing over Hadoop, Distributed Search and Distributed faceted search, Search and Exploration of entity-relationships graphs.
  • Social Analytics - Analysis of Enterprise and Web Social Media data. Learning people's profiles and preferences, recommending people and content, analyzing influencers, filtering streams of data to meet user interests, and in general generating business related insights from Social media.
  • Games & Gamification - Games for crowd sourcing, ranking schemes that motivate participation. Gamification toolkit for encouraging wanted behaviors and contributions in business applications.
  • Location based services and anlytics - Indoor and Outdoor location inference using advanced sensing methods, location inference, and location based analytics for business applications.