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Research Team Leader: Image and Document Analytics Group
IBM Research - Haifa, Israel



Dr. Pavel Kisilev is a research staff member in the Multimedia Department at the IBM Research Center in Haifa. He joined IBM Research in 2011. He is a technical leader of the Haifa Medical Imaging team.

Dr. Kisilev graduated from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in 2002 with a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering. Prior to IBM, he was a Research Associate in the EE department at the Technion, and in 2003-2011 was a Senior Research Scientist in Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Israel. 

Dr. Kisilev's research interests include computer vision, statistical learning and medical imaging. He had pioneered the use of multi-node methods in blind source separation problems, that allowed qualitative break-through in source separation accuracy. He developed novel locally-adaptive image analysis methods used in award winning digital cameras, printers and scanners.

Dr. Kisilev is an author of 28 issued patents, and of over 15 additional filed patents, of a book chapter, and of over 40 papers in top journals and conferences in various fields.


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