Contact Information

Oded Margalit
CCoE, Beer Sheva, Israel

2015: CTO of CCoE (IBM Cybersecurity Center of Excelence at Ben Guriun University)

2016: Chair of SWSTE-2016 doctoral symposium

2015/2016: Taught courses in Computer Science department Beer Sheva University

2006-2014 Researcher at HRL, in Computing as a Service group.

2007: Taught a course in Computer Science department Haifa University

Computer Science Phd from Tel-Aviv University (under supervision of Prof' Zvi Galil).

Knows APL; Assembly; Basic; BF; C; C++; csh; Forth; Fortran; Html; Java; LaTeX; Lisp; Logo; Matlab; Pascal; Python; Sed; Snobol; and Sql.

Puzzlemaster of IBM research's ponder-this challenges corner.

CodeGuru computer contest organizer, winner of IBM 2008 On Demand Community Excellence Award.

A judge in IEEEXtreme programming contest (2008-2014), winner of IEEEXtreme 2009 MGA award.

COLT2010 local organizer co-chair.

10.2010: Research Division Technical Group Award, for Analytics for IBM 300 mm Semiconductor Manufacturing.

2011: OR-PIC co-chair.

1.5.2012: IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (OTAA), for IBM Mining Effectively Large Output Data Yield (MELODY).

from 2012: An organizer of IBM Research - Haifa seminars.

19.5.2014: Scientific chair of SCE cybernight conference.

2015: Advisory Member of Big Analytics Israel 2015

Loves to bake
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