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Asaf Tzadok
Manager, Image and Document Analytics Group
Haifa Research Lab, Haifa, Israel      +972dash4dash829dash6533

Asaf Tzadok is the manager of the image and document analytics group at IBM Research - Haifa and has been part of the multimedia department since joining IBM in 1998. He is an expert in various aspects of computer vision, image processing and augmented reality. Asaf's main research activities are in augmented reality, multi-objects recognition systems, medical imaging, OCR, form processing, segmentation and classification.

In 1999, He took charge over the main controller of mechanism which automated the extraction of the address location for parcel-sorting. Later in 2001, he developed new techniques to process unstructured forms. Following that, Asaf has led the team who developed the end-to-end digitization platform, including consulting the hardware needed to complete the task. In 2006, he managed a project of automation of processing of tax forms for the Italian Banks.

In 2008, Asaf has been leading the research and development of IBM`s books and newspapers digitization platform, known as CONCERT, short for COoperative eNgine for the Correction of ExtRacted Text.

In August 2011, he was appointed to manage the Image Analytics Group, rebuilt its strategic direction, initiated the augmented-reality research for retail and developed the Medical Imaging activity.

Asaf has published more than 20 patents and papers in this domain.