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Research Engineer
IBM Research Lab - Dublin



Jer Hayes works for the Dublin IBM Research Lab / Smarter Cities Technology Centre. He has been with the lab since its initial creation. He currently works for the  Cognitive IoT team in the research lab.

Current projects:

  • Analytics for Intelligent Buildings: BEAD
  • GraphDB services

Recent projects:

  • Acoustic Monitoring
  • Refrigeration Analytics
  • iWidget: Water project

He holds a PhD in Computer Science from University College Dublin , an MSc in Computer Science from Dublin City University and a BA(Hons) in Psychology from University College Dublin.

Selected Publications can be found here:

Google Scholar Page



Meeting An Taoiseach


An Taoiseach meets some members of the underwater acoustic monitoring water project at the Volvo Yacht Race Galway.




Water Visualisation

Installation at Dublin's Science Gallery / Visualization of daily consumption patterns