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Principal Scientist - IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio
IBM France Lab, Gentilly, France


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More information:  CP Optimizer online doc  |  CP Optimizer forum  |  CP Optimizer homepage  |  Python interface to CP Optimizer



Research Interests

My research is at the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. I'm particularly interested in Combinatorial Optimization, in problems dealing with Time and in solving complex real-life industrial problems. So not surprisingly, some of my favorite topics include:

I'm fond of developing and combining any sort of techniques that can help solving the above problems like:

Since almost 20 years I have been working in a dream team at IBM (ILOG) that develops CP Optimizer, the CP engine of CPLEX Optimization Studio. CP Optimizer combines CP with a bunch of other techniques to model and automatically solve the hardest scheduling problems of our customers. And it works ...


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Conference Organization

  • Senior Program Committee: IJCAI 2017, IJCAI 2016, IJCAI 2015
  • Member of the ICAPS 2014 and ICAPS 2013 Awards committee
  • Program Committees:  IJCAI 2013..2017, AAAI 2015-2018, ICAPS 2012..2017, CP 2017, ...




For more, please see my Google Scholar profile or my LinkedIn profile.