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STSM, Manager, Cognitive IoT Industries and Services Operation
China Research Laboratory, Beijing, China



Jery (Shao Chun) Li is a Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and Research Manager at the IBM Research - China (CRL) leading Cognitive IoT Industries and Services Operation research.

Jery has been focusing on leading cognitive and analytics-driven business solution innovations in IBM strategic areas including Cognitive Conversational/dialog system for virtual customer assistant or technical services support; Cognitive Internet-of-Things Industry Solutions for manufacturing, operation or after-market services optimization; Cognitive IT analytics and automation for predictive and operational excellence in application management.

In his earlier career at IBM, Jery has also worked on Software and Services research areas, with topics like model-driven business modeling and transformation, services-oriented architecture and computing, business performance management, software and service quality etc.  Jery has also closely working with IBM services and software business units on enabling global strategic outlook initiatives like API Economy,  Mobile and IoT innovations for IBM and IBM Clients.

Jery has created scores of inventions (with more than 40 patents) to IBM patent portfolio. He also received numerous awards including IBM Global Recognition Bravo Award, IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement, Patent Plateau Awards, High Value Patent Award, Best Paper Award and led key Research Technical Accomplishments.

BTW, During his spare time Jery is very interested in travelling, he also raises a lovely husky dog that he is very proud of. :-)