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Research Staff Member
China Research Laboratory, Beijing, China



Baohua Yang is a senior researcher at IBM. His interests include key areas in Cloud Computing, Fintech, distributed system and analytics, especially on emerging technologies, e.g., SDN/NFV, Container, BigData, Blockchain and cognitive computing.

As the chief architect, he has lead the architecture design and system implementation of enterprise productions, and helps solve key technical challenges for industrial solutions.

As an Open-Source contributor, he has submitted code, proposals, and presentations to numbers of projects, e.g., OpenStack, Hyperledger, OpenvSwitch, Docker, OpenDaylight, Kubernetes, and has lead several projects including easyOVS, Hyperledger Fabric-SDK-py and Cello. He is now the chairperson of Hyperledger Technical Working Group in China.

He has published 10s of articles in top-quality international conference and journals (e.g., IEEE INFOCOM, IEEE Trans on Computers), with several technical books and patents. He is now TPC member of numbers of academic conferences and journals.