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Lucas Correia Villa Real
Research Software Engineer
Brazil Research Lab, Brazil

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Lucas has a BsC degree by Unisinos and a MsC by the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, where he specialized on digital TV systems and on file systems.

Before joining the IBM Brazil Research Lab, Lucas was an intern and afterwards a consultant for the Storage group at IBM Almaden Research Center. His work for Almaden was mostly focused on operating systems (Linux), virtual file systems and on tape storage. His most impactful work at Almaden was LTFS, a linear tape file system for LTO-5 tapes, which received an Emmy Award in 2011 for its relevance in the Media & Entertainment industry.

In the Brazil Lab, Lucas works in the Natural Resources group with high resolution flood simulation. His research work has resulted in software that was delivered to the city of Rio de Janeiro and to the country of Brunei, with flood predictions 48 hours ahead of time.