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Staff Researcher
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia



George Yiapanis is a post-doctoral research fellow at IBM research Australia.

He recieved his PhD in Physics from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia (with Prof. Irene Yarovsky). His main focus area is in materials modelling and simulation, aiming to develop fundamental links between atomic structure and material properties. Past research projects have included the modelling of anti-fouling coatings, synthetic polymers used to extract valuable minerals, high-performance nano-composite materials and  self-assembling polymers and lipids. Collaborative partners include BlueScope Steel, BHP Billiton, University of Melbourne and National University of Singapore.

Previous Research Area

I was leading IBM research’s efforts in understanding the wetting properties of organic and inorganic surfaces and nanoparticles using molecular dynamic computer simulations. Expanding upon existing techniques in computational modelling, my main aim was to help solve industry related problems in the mining sector and advance the design of new and improved materials. This work resulted in two filed patent disclosure and publications in high impact factor journals. 

Current Research Focus

I am currently working on developing cognitive capabilities within the financial sector. Specifically, we use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to ensure unstructured financial documents such as statements of advice are compliant. As a principle investigator my role is to generate accurately labelled data-sets as well as develop and test the NLP models. The models include recurrent and convolutional neural networks as well as support vector machines.