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Research Scientist
Melbourne Research Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia



Christian Guttmann leads and defines research projects around health care ICT. One focus of Christian's work is to build smarter distributed analytics that enables health care entities (doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, etc) to collaborate more efficiently in complex environments. His work addresses the information and communication challenges faced by tomorrow’s world of health care: How to create and apply smarter collaborative health care technologies that cope with the tsunami of chronic diseases.

Prior to IBM, Christian led the research theme on health care and disaster at the Etisalat British Telecom Innovation Centre (EBTIC). The theme partnered with major stakeholders, including governmental health authorities and ministries. He has been a research fellow at the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University, where he researched how intelligent systems can improve collaborative care (done together with primary health care providers). He worked also in industrial projects with HP and Ericsson.

Christian holds a PhD degree from Monash University, two Master degrees from Paderborn University (Germany) and the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), and a psychology degree from Stockholm University (Sweden). He organised major conferences and workshops, edited two books on intelligent agent technologies, and co-authored over 30 articles in leading conferences and journals.